Standard Mortgage Contract

Is the item you use when a mortgage company is attempting to change the terms of the contract. Conditional acceptance contract all of the key features are  included in the agreement...

Incarceration Contract

This contract is for individuals who have been incarcerated for various reasons, not realizing the contractual nature of the incarceration system- for non-violent and non-personal injury matters all of the key features are included in the agreement...

Infant Estate Contract

The government holds the assets of the American people in trust, this contract is utilized to help individuals gain control of the securities held in that minor account/trust- all of the key features are included in the agreement...

The government is aggressively attempting to stop individuals from using this process  to protect themselves:

a review of the attached document will to uncover the truth-

it was shortly after Congress passed the bill known as private law 114, the justice relief of Bradley Christopher Stark etc. al... that Pres. Trump vetoed the private law after an amendment was made, and less than three days later Congress members began introducing bills to prevent anyone else from utilizing this as a means of getting relief---

they actually called one of the new bills, "the Arbitration Fairness Act", a review of the bill which was introduced twice and has yet to pass shows that it is anything but fair, and the other bills that are introduced seeking the same have not passed either. So now is the time to have the contracts established so that an individual has the grandfather clause to rely on.