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An arbitrator who performs a judicial act is said to have protection under the "Judicial Immunities Doctrine."  This means that the arbitrator, as long as they act in a court themselves during their proceedings with dignity and respect for the institution; are protected from harassment and or civil liabilities associated with their acts and/or functions, the same as the judge.  Unlike a judge, an arbitrator can use rationale and come to a determination and is competent to receive grants of legislative judicial power in carrying out their duties (See: the intent of the Federal Arbitration Act as expressed by the United States of America Supreme Court.

SAA's Arbitrator's

Many people have misunderstood what an arbitrator's function actually are.  In America there are virtually two kinds of arbitrators.  Your local and/or state level arbitrator which must comply with the local and state laws governing arbitrators and an arbitration association.  However, federal arbitrators are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act which can be found at 9 USC  Sections 1-16.  Sitcomm Arbitration Association or SAA has not conducted a single arbitration to this present day.  SAA has, under the terms of the agreement with the clients, assigned arbitrations the independent arbitrator's cool have been empowered to render a fair judgment based upon the facts presented.  SAA fees are reasonable and they can be found on the homepage of the site, in fact you will find that SAA has no financial motive and or an interest in the outcome respecting the parties and their individual disputes.  SAA's duty and responsibility is to consider the evidence presented, and if the evidence is as claimed by the parties than the arbitrator makes a determination independent of the parties, the arbitration Association, and/or personal feelings, but based on the agreement between the parties, and the Federal Arbitration Act.

Arbitration through SAA™

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  • Arbitration like other legal processes can the daunting.  Here at SAA, we strive to take some of the fear out of the process as we aim to conduct non-invasive hearings.  All determinations and/or decisions by our arbitrators who act independently, solely on the information, evidence, and facts presented.  By doing so, we can ensure a level playing field.  No one can accuse any of the subcontracted arbitrators of bias due to race, ethnicity, or any other physical impairment of an individual.
The arbitration process is to be respected, for it is a legitimate and honorable institution.
Therefore, in moving the ball forward, we ask?????????

What is it we strive for?

  • There have been some individuals who have attempted to paint a picture contrary to the canvas of reality.  Please understand that the members of SAA will continue to rely on Private Law 114 – 31 whereas Congress has adjudicated SAA's legal standing thus qualifying it as a Federal Legislative Arbitration Association or FLAA.

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There is a lot of effort to keep from public view the fact that the United Nations is an arbitration tribunal. When the League of Nations was established 1916-1919 it was designed to help nations resolve their differences without resorting to violence and warfare. The United Nations was established under the same principle and the administrative courts in the United States follow the exact same principle.

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